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Rent to Professionals

No tourist! Rent out to professional, reliable and good quality tenants.

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Exclusive Rental Demand

meRooms offers exclusive rental demands that gets your rooms occupied with Digital Nomads.

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Rent Out in Advance

Get your room rented out ahead of time. Visiting is optional before room can be rented out.

Tips to get rented out with us

Furnished Room for one person

Studio or one-bedroom ready to move in for a single person stay

Located near BTS/MRT

Located within 500m from mass transit and walking distance to convenience store

Able to rent from just 1 month

Be flexible with rental period. Earn more by renting for a short term

Beautiful room photos

Nice photos bring your listing further. Show what the tenants will get upon arrival

Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

How do I list a room for rent?

  1. Select the “Create Listing” button below to get started
  2. Enter basic information about your room and highlight your listing by select ‘Label’ relevant to your room
  3. Set minimum rental period and rental prices that are attractive to tenants and that you are comfortable with
  4. Upload a few photos of your room for rent
  5. Go through the screens to enter more information about your room, including size, layout and features
  6. Login or create an account if you have not done so to submit the listing

How do I list a sublet?

Whether you are a room owner, a property agent or a tenant posting for full-lease or sublet, you may go through the our listing process described above.

How quickly will my rental listing be posted on the site?

We run checks to prevent fraudulent rental listings and, in some cases, confirm the information with you before post the listing on the site. If nothing is very wrong, it may take up to a day.

What will my rental listing look like?

We vet through every listing and make sure it looks great on the site. Relevant information will be presented to the prospective tenants, including the video if you have one, with Google Map and street view.  Our goal is to make room viewing optional so it is more convenient for you.

Can I share my rental listing?

Absolutely! We’ll give your listing a unique URL that you can send to friends.  You also can share the listing via social media through ‘share’ button on the top right corner of the listing.

When will my rental listing be expired?

Never! Your listing will always be active with us. If it is becomes unavailable, you can indicate the earliest date it will become available. From time to time, we may reach out to you to make sure your information is up-to-date.

Connecting with Renters

How will I know when a renter is interested in my listing?

When there is the prospective renter interested in your room, you will receive an email and/or a phone call from us with the details of the rent such as tenant’s personal introduction and rental period. You will know the profile of a renter before accepting any rental request.
We don’t display your email address or personal particular, so you don’t have to worry about spam.

Do I need to show a renter my room to secure the rent?

Room viewing is discouraged. We want to make room rental convenient for you so that you can focus on doing other important things. We encourage you to create the high quality and realistic listing (i.e renters get what they see).

What are the steps to secure the rent?

  1. You accept the rental request from the renter with meRooms via email or phone
  2. We prepare the rental agreement between you and a renter using meRoom’s standard template. Click here for reference.
  3. You and a renter sign the rental agreement online which can be done using your mobile phone. We use electronic signature for every one’s convenience. The contract is fully legalized and binding.
  4. The rent is secured upon the payment of the deposit by a renter. The deposit is typical one-month worth of rent.

Managing/Editing a Listing

Can I edit my rental listing after I post it?

Yes. Any listing you create can be edited at any time through our dashboard. Look for ‘My Properties’ and then select the action you want to make with each listing you have. Our dashboard also gives you access to edit your profile and to add new properties.

What happens to my rental listing after I find a tenant?

Once you’ve found a tenant you can deactivate your listing in the same place you can edit the listing. You can still find it in your profile though, to reactivate and reuse whenever you need it.


Does it cost any to list my rental? 

It’s free! You can make as many listings as you want with us.

Do I need to pay anything to meRooms?

We will charge you a small commission when we successfully fill your room with the tenant. The commission is only 8% of the total rent.

For Property Agent

How can property agents utilize meRooms?

We welcome property agents to work with us. You could make listings of the rooms under your management on our platform. We will contact you when the prospective tenants are interested in one of your rooms.

What is the commission charged to property agents?

Similar to home owners, the platform is FREE for property agents. You can list the rooms for FREE and pay us 8% commission upon we successfully find the renter for your room.