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Get to Know Nomad Series #6: the Local Nomad – Thiraya Thiranakanat

Get to Know Nomad Series #6: the Local Nomad – Thiraya Thiranakanat

Working and Living in Bangkok as a Digital Nomad

Hey! What’s your name?

Thiraya Thiranakanat

How old are you ?

I am 29 years old.

Where are you from ?


What is your education background ?

I got an MBA from Kellogg School of Management.

What are your professional experiences ?

Corporate management-turned-social entrepreneur.

Why did you become a Digital Nomad ?

I would like to create a lean and cost efficient startup so our team decides not to rent an office and works remotely instead.

How do you work today ? How do you earn an income ?

I work remotely, make phone calls, send emails, and have a conference call with my team members.

What is your best app for working as a Digital Nomad ?

Google Doc.

Do you have an advice for anyone who wants to become a Digital Nomad ?

Be cost efficient, don’t spend too much and don’t sign long-term contract (a year or more) to make sure you are flexible enough to move.

Why did you decide to start your Digital Nomad life ?

My hometown and my target customers are here. Thailand also has a robust and reliable infrastructure which is very important.

What does your typical day as a Digital Nomad like ?

Work at coffee shop or co-working space near the client’s office. Have a meeting with the clients at their offices. Debrief with team at a nearby coffee shop. Go home and work on other projects via WiFi. Have a conference call with other clients. Best of all is that I don’t need to get stuck in Bangkok traffic during rush hour 🙂

Can you give us some recommendations of your favorite places in Bangkok ?

Open House, Central Embassy Think Space by B2S, Central Eastville True Coffee, Park Lane Ekkamai.

Would you be interested in meRooms Services ?


How do you think meRooms can help you ?

Search for the room you want. Connect with room owners directly. Make rental payment with credit card without any hassle. Get other services related to the nomad lifestyle.

What is your budget for an accommodation in Thailand ?

15,000 baht per month.

What are for you the most important things or services you like to see on meRooms ?

Take foreigner to buy SIM card, and all the necessities on the first day.

Thanks a lot Thiraya Thiranakanat 🙂


Thiraya Thiranakanat from Thailand

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