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Digital Nomads are Moving to Thailand!

Digital Nomads are Moving to Thailand!

There is a new emergence in the world called ‘Digital Nomads’. The development of internet has triggered transformations in all aspects of human life and society, allowing many work and lifestyle possibilities to emerge. Plus, cross-border travelling has become easier than ever as the plane tickets are more affordable.

Here are a few key factors which enable the emergence of Digital Nomads :

  • Generation Y (born after 80’s) is becoming the main workforce and is looking for flexibility
  • The freelancer working style is growing fast with new platforms like Upwork or A 34% of the national workforce in the US are contributed by freelancers (based on Freelancers Unions Report here).
  • Airline tickets are affordable with the network expansion of low cost carriers in the global market. Also people are willing to travel further from their hometown, especially for Generation Y.
  • Internet is faster and more accessible. We are not far from 5G mobile internet and pretty close to 6G.
  • Workplaces are popping up everywhere in the top cities of the world.

What is  the Digital Nomad ?

Digital Nomads essentially come from Generation Y all around the world. The Generation Y, becoming the main workforce nowadays, is looking for job diversity, new challenges and experiences, flexibility, and more fulfillment in the way they balance their work-life. They work as individuals who adopt digital technologies to work from where they want and associate their job with travelling. Entrepreneurs or Freelancers, most of the time both, can work as Writers/Bloggers, Photographers, Marketing Consultant, Web & Graphic Designers, Film & Video Maker, Teacher/Coach, and Web Developers.

Thailand, Bangkok, and Digital Nomads ?

Thailand has always attracted a lot of tourism in the past decades with its captivating culture, beautiful diversity of landscapes and idyllic beaches and friendly people., the world’s reference social media for Digital Nomads has highlighted Thailand as one of the top destinations for Digital Nomads, with Bangkok ranked 3rd in the top cities in the world for Digital Nomads.

Last Nomad Score for Bangkok by


Also, recently launched co-working spaces, especially targeting this kind of population, have gained in popularity. This represents a confirmation for the emergence of Digital Nomads.



meRooms, Bangkok, Digital Nomads ?

Being a Digital Nomad, we, the founders of meRooms, encountered difficulties finding the right accommodation when we traveled to Bangkok despite our serious efforts and the fact that there are many available rooms for rent in the market (read more of our story here). As a result, we decided to launch meRooms to help all the Digital Nomads in Bangkok finding the room they need, and room owners filling their rooms with quality tenants.


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