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meRooms – Room Rentals for Digital Nomads

meRooms is the room rentals market place for anyone to start digital nomad lifestyle. We aim to help digital nomads re-location seamlessly, and help property owners keep their rooms occupied.

Business ready room

Business-ready Room

Our rooms come with high speed WiFi, proximity to working space, and easy access to convenient public transportation to let you stay productive while being part of the new city.

monthly booking

Monthly Booking

Booking tenure for a room starts from as short as one month to fit your schedule. Our accommodation facilitates a plug-and-play model to let you stay flexible and mobile.

personalied services

Personalized Services

We take care of all housekeeping matters so you can get started on your mission right away. We work with partners to provide you with the best lifestyle services that the city can offer.

Our Journey

meRooms was started to help digital nomad access their lifestyle in the best cities to enjoy the freedom of work & life!

Founded by a team of 3 passionate entrepreneurs, meRooms began just like what you are about to go through. It all happened when Karim visited Bangkok in 2017 to experience nomad lifestyle as a freelance programmer in one of world best cities. Looking for 2-month room rentals, he struggled, got turn down and was about to be charged the unreasonably high price – He did not find a room he was hoping for, making his first few days in Bangkok a desperate one where he searched for his new room tirelessly while staying in the hostel. Until he met with Supawat, an avid property investor, who helped him secured a room at the terms he looked for. Well, all of this could not happened without Simon, who recommended Karim to make this journey.

Meet the founders

Supawat Boom

Boom has over 7 years in real estate industry, being an property investor, tenant and interior decorator. Boom likes to witness township urbanization and new property development and is passionate about helping friends and family decorate the space and rent out the rooms. Founding meRooms let him shares his passion and makes a difference to property investors worldwide.

Karim Mortabit

Karim is a startup adviser and programmer who likes to build efficient software that empowers people. He enjoys his freedom as a freelance worker travelling around the world and meeting new people. He has chosen Bangkok as his city of choice in Asia and would like to help other digital nomads discover new opportunities, by living and working in this part of the world. meRooms fits his personal ambition in enabling others to access digital nomads’ life.

Simon Ladurée

Simon is a digital marketing consultant with over 3 years of experience with famous brands and startups. He has written a thesis on how to succeed in a crowdfunding campaign and he is very interested in startup projects who need to leverage and engage a strong community. Being digital nomad himself, he has traveled around South East Asia and wants to help people who want to embrace the astonishing digital nomadic life.